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VOLUNTEER Positions and Descriptions

Peace Youth Counselor 
Being a Youth Counselor seems like a huge responsibility, but one that comes with great rewards, both now and in the future. Youth Counselors serve as mentors and small group leaders for Peace Youth on Sunday Nights for either middle school or high school students. Relationship building is big when it comes to Youth Ministry. As a Youth Counselor, you’ll see that first-hand as students look to you for not only spiritual, but also moral guidance as well. You will also guide small groups in discussions about the lesson. (All lessons will be provided a week ahead of time.) This is a commitment of three hours every Sunday night (plus time on trips/events). Youth Counselors are the glue that keeps things together, interacting with students and engaging in their lives in a powerful way. You are a testimony to the love of Christ as you live your life and serve this ministry. Students will look to you for support, encouragement and wisdom and they will see your life as a living testimony to the love of Jesus. Spending time investing in these teens is life giving, and it speaks in a powerful way to our students. (Youth Counselors will get quarterly Youth Ministry Leadership Training)
-Prioritizing being at Youth each week.
-Read and prepare for teaching of the curriculum
-Build meaningful relationships with students
-Help set up for worship (gather response station materials and props)
-Crowd control and monitoring
-Monitoring Student check-in in Sunday nights, trips/events, etc.
-Being available to talk with and pray with students at any time
-Attend Monthly Youth Leaders Meetings
-Attend and help lead on trips and events
-Set the vibe - students look to you for excitement, buy in and interest in the
   message, the Worship and in Peace Youth trips/events.
-Background Check & Quarterly Youth Ministry Leadership Training

Peace Youth Church Council Rep.
The main task of this position is to represent Peace Youth as a part of Church Council at Peace UMC. You’ll be the Peace Youth voice as you relay and address the concerns and conditions of student ministry to Church Council. This is a one year commitment starting and ending each July.
-Attend all Church Council meetings (Bi-Monthly)
-Being at Youth on Sunday nights when you can
-Attend Monthly Youth Leaders Meetings
-Attend and help lead on trips and events

Peace Youth Administrator
As the ministry continues to grow so does the need for help in the areas of administration. Whether updating contact info, sending out txt blasts, updating lists on our website, every little jobs has huge value. This is a commitment of about two to three hours a week.
-Assisting the Student Ministry Director with office administration and logistical
   planning for trips/events
-Organization of student forms and contact information
-Attend (and taking notes at) Monthly Youth Leaders Meetings
-Sending out reminders of meetings, deadlines, etc.
-Keeping account of trip/event sign-ups and payments

Peace Youth Fundraising Coordinators
The Fundraising Coordinators select, coordinate, and implement various fundraising events to benefit the Youth Ministry to help reduce the cost of events, retreats, and mission trips. The Student Ministry Director will provide support and should be informed of all details and planning. This is a one year commitment starting and ending each July.
-Select fundraising events throughout the year and present the proposals to the
   Youth Ministry Leaders
-Commission and Youth Ministry Planning Team for approval and feedback.
-Check the dates and times with the Jana Hart (Church Office Manager)
-Recruit volunteers for fundraising events (other adults, youth parents, etc.)
-Arrange publicity (bulletins/flyers, church announcements) as appropriate.
-Arrange site set-up for the event.
-Complete after event reports for the continuity file.

Peace Youth Trips/Events Drivers
The main task of a Trips/Events Driver is just that. You’ll help transport youth on special events and trips to provide a safe and fun way to get to and from each event or trip. This commitment is on an as needed basis.
-Attend and help lead on trips and events
-Must have a valid Drivers License (CDL for the Church Bus)
-Keep a clean and safe driving record
If you cannot drive for any given trip/event, you agree to let the Student Ministry Director know at least one week in advance