2018 -2019

Ava Acosta
Sophia Acosta
Kaylin Aguirre
Eamon Al-Jibory
Avery Balan
Noah Benison (need insurance copy)

Madison Berlau
Zach Berlau
Wesley Bevard 
Addison Bowman-Kavanaugh
Ella Bowman-Kavanaugh
Anna Bruce
Alexis Budd
Adam Colletta
Evan Colletta (need signature)
Dylan Dalsimer
Ginny Dalsimer
Bryce Daniels
Maguire Daniels
Emma Delgado
Sofia Delgado
Katie Emerson
Renee Emerson
Adelaide Fisher
Everett Fisher
Emily Fresoli
Emilly Goe
Noah Hannon
Ryan Hershner
Dylan Hoopingarner
Eric Hoopingarner
Ocean Lopez (need insurance copy)
Triniti Martel (need insurance copy)
Cameron Meek
Joel Mercado
Rachel Mertz
Brendan Mertz
Jackie Morin
Russ Morin
David O'Dell
Sarah O'Dell
Agneta Peethala
Augustus Peethala
Clayton Perkins
Mathew Rios (need notary sheet)
Kenny Sandoval
Rebecca Sardina
Rafael Sardina
Callen Sell
Mason Sell
Emily Staples (need notary sheet)
Alejandro Suazo
Annie Swift
Angelica Tejada (need insurance copy)
Jennifer Tejada
Gavin Thompson
Finley Thomson
Madeline Thomson


Medical Release & Liability Form Name List 
Here is a list of medical release forms that we have on file for the 2018-2019 school year . 
A Peace Youth Medical Release & Liability Form and a front and back copy of your Medical Insurance Card is needed anytime we do an overnight event or trip. These forms will travel with us at all times. If your name does not appear on this list, that means we do not have a completed form and/or insurance information for you for this school year. 
We replace all medical release forms at the beginning of every school year. We do not keep insurance information on file