Who we are

"I am a Daughter of the Risen King who is not moved by the world. For my God is with me and goes before me. I do not fear because i am His."

Daughters of the Risen King (D.O.R.K.s) is a fellowship group for high school girls. We seek to encourage and uplift our sisters in Christ and grow in our own relationship with Christ by doing so. "On the darkest days when i feel inadequate, unloved and unworthy, I remember whose daughter I am and I straighten my crown!"

What we do

Our events our focused around bonding and building relationships centered Christ, encouragement, and accountability. Our yearly events include:

- Annual DORK's Sleepover

- Cookie Fundraiser

- Winter Retreat

Student Leaders

Sofia Delgado
Rebecca Sardina

Adult Leaders

Sofia Delgado (407 633 9072)